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Think Positively

Sometime ago, I had a discussion with a friend on how most people get to think positively without allowing an iota of negativity. We both concluded that whilst thinking about the good part of a thing, thinking of its negative outcome will help become prepared in case it goes wrong. Alas, this is us naturally giving room for a negative mindset. We meant no harm though. We were only trying to replicate the average human trait. Then for a while, I thought about what positivity really is- irrespective of the unfriendly and unloving situation, you set your mind on the bright side…seeing light in the dark. Then I thought to myself again, how possible is that.

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” -Herman Hesse, Siddhartha.

No doubt, positive thinkers and optimists get things done and to their advantage as opposed to negative thinkers and pessimists. This is so because our reality is borne out of our mindset. Some people may beg to disagree but the fact remains that, until a thing becomes your priority and you set your heart to it, then it becomes your reality. With regards to our social relationships, the way we think, positive or negative has an effect and is mirrrored in all that we do. To think positively or negatively shows the level of your soul /power.

You may still want to ask “Why should I think positively?”

Thinking positively will help me have a better opinion about myself and the world around me. With this, I become self-confident. I am Happy, Motivated, and I build an Improved Relationship with people and things round me.

When you try out being a positive thinker, you will strikingly find out about so many goodies attached to it.

We all are tired and refuse to be complacent abut how things are done around us- that is fine and beautiful but the onus is on us to to first change our mentality. To be a leader, you must first champion your mentality.

Published by Tobi Oloyede

Tobi Oloyede is a young visionary with a flair for personal and population developments. Rather than being pinned down by the challenges around her, she is dedicated to learning new ideas and getting the best out of life. She is one that is inspired by the popular Yoruba saying, "Ona kan o wo oja- There is no one/single route to the market." She holds her first degree in English and Literary Studies from the Ekiti State University, Nigeria, a Master's degree in Gender and Diversity from East Tennessee State University, and is currently a Sociology graduate student at Georgia Southern University. Writing is one of the several other things she loves to do and she brings it upon herself to make the world a better place through her writings. For her, 'the pen is always mightier and with it, she speaks volumes.' BE THE LIGHT, BE THE CHANGE…A BETTER YOU, A BETTER WORLD.

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