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I am neither better than a bird with a broken wing 
nor a snail with a broken shell
Damaged in all angles
I want to fly, I want to soar
Yet frustrated

Sometimes I feel free, 
other times I am trapped
I cannot fly, so I stand

I make excuses, I try to hide my emotions
I am tired of my situation yet I cannot let it out
I hide it like there’s nothing wrong
It is much more than you think

When this happens,
please sit with me
Listen to my silence

Help me sail smoothly
One step at a time, so I can learn again to fly.

NB: Sometimes, we think we know so much about an individual such that we take their unreasonable behaviors or reactions for granted. Until we dig deeper, only then will we better comprehend what they go through in their lonely cubicle.

So many people hide their pain behind the visible facade of smiles. Help them heal, take time to be that willing heart, listening ear and a helping hand.

Published by Tobi Oloyede

Tobi Oloyede is a young visionary with a flair for personal and population developments. Rather than being pinned down by the challenges around her, she is dedicated to learning new ideas and getting the best out of life. She is one that is inspired by the popular Yoruba saying, "Ona kan o wo oja- There is no one/single route to the market." She holds her first degree in English and Literary Studies from the Ekiti State University, Nigeria, a Master's degree in Gender and Diversity from East Tennessee State University, and is currently a Sociology graduate student at Georgia Southern University. Writing is one of the several other things she loves to do and she brings it upon herself to make the world a better place through her writings. For her, 'the pen is always mightier and with it, she speaks volumes.' BE THE LIGHT, BE THE CHANGE…A BETTER YOU, A BETTER WORLD.

4 thoughts on “BROKEN

  1. This is deep and all true. We should try to view such people with the inner eye. Only then can we understand their state of mind and actions. Then think of solutions. Beautiful poem!

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