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Seated here looking through my snapshots and like an instant fall, what I never thought could be an inspiration became my muse. There I was in deep thought about life and all its happenings.

“I yearn for my space. It charges me up. Therein I can breathe and see the light”

– Tobi Oloyede

You know how sometimes you feel forgotten and invisible. You remember your vulnerable moments and it seems like you’re just not enough or doing the right things, that’s the kind of moment I’m talking about.

Still seated, lost in my space, there and then it came… I remembered, “El Roi” which means “the God who sees me.” Even the most watchful mother sleeps off on her child. Whatever your religion is, God sees you and all that’s yours, always remember that. I am not writing from a perfect stance, I forget this too, but here I am holding on to the affirmation that he sees me.

Words of Affirmation
He sees me, He knows me
He sees me, he hears me
He sees my struggles, my hard work, my pain
He sees my gratitude, He knows it all

If interested, here’s a link to a short film

When I woke up this morning, writing was not anywhere on my to-do list for the day, but here I am scribbling. I hope you find meaning beyond this superficial short piece. I hope it serves a purpose, I hope it passes a message.

“El Roi – the God who sees me.”

“You carry the message you’ve been seeking, but realization of it is found in healthy retrospection, not among the wilderness of chaotic noise.”

― T.F. Hodge

Published by Tobi Oloyede

Tobi Oloyede is a young visionary with a flair for personal and population developments. Rather than being pinned down by the challenges around her, she is dedicated to learning new ideas and getting the best out of life. She is one that is inspired by the popular Yoruba saying, "Ona kan o wo oja- There is no one/single route to the market." She holds her first degree in English and Literary Studies from the Ekiti State University, Nigeria, a Master's degree in Gender and Diversity from East Tennessee State University, and is currently a Sociology graduate student at Georgia Southern University. Writing is one of the several other things she loves to do and she brings it upon herself to make the world a better place through her writings. For her, 'the pen is always mightier and with it, she speaks volumes.' BE THE LIGHT, BE THE CHANGE…A BETTER YOU, A BETTER WORLD.

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