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Becoming a Champion

I woke up to an unusual discussion with a friend about Tobi Amusan’s (a Nigerian athlete who specializes in a 100-meter hurdle) world-breaking record yesterday and how that made every Nigerian proud. Today, I ruminate about how life deals with us and vice versa. How we can be angry, frustrated, or even depressed when thingsContinue reading “Becoming a Champion”

Closure Musings

Here I am thinking about trust, forgiveness, faith, and boundary-personal space. I know many people take time to allow others to earn their trust, but it’s the opposite for me. Once my intuition does not tell me otherwise, I trust you first and figure things out however they play out. I’m guessing you’re shaking yourContinue reading “Closure Musings”

Victim or Survivor

Before we dig in, are you a victim or survivor, or do you know anyone who might fall into one of the categories? I did a thing in 2020, I studied the resilience of some women in Southwest Nigeria who were survivors of Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence. I say survivors because they moved from beingContinue reading “Victim or Survivor”

The Struggle is Real

I have a lot I want to say and here is a warning before you dig into reading, I will be saying a lot in part. This is because the best way to put out my idea is through my podcast “Metamorphosis with Tobi” or on my blog. Just because it is still Black historyContinue reading “The Struggle is Real”

Black History Month is Here

This post was originally published in February 2021 and has been updated. Black history month gives you an opportunity to understand black history, what it used to be, what it means now, racism, slavery, and black achievement. To understand the present, it is vital that we engage ourselves with history. Importantly, this year’s theme isContinue reading “Black History Month is Here”

Book Review of “Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad”

It is no news that Lagos is for the crazy at heart, just as a friend of mine sums it, it is a dramatic state in all areas. This book is a collection of twelve short stories about the unique form of madness that goes on in Lagos especially among men. It tells relatable storiesContinue reading “Book Review of “Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad””

What Do You Know about Experiencing Violence?

As a master’s student, I was convinced that I wanted to research into the lives of women who had or are experiencing intimate partner violence or domestic violence. You may be wondering why such an area despite the numerous grey research areas available. I say boldly that my personal experiences and intellectual interests captivated me.Continue reading “What Do You Know about Experiencing Violence?”


Review of ‘Notes on Grief’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie In many Western cultures, particularly Great Britain and in the United States, the grief memoir remains a sought-after genre due to its form of public morning and occasional self-therapy. Here, the bereaved is in search of meaning amid pain or hurt. The kind of pain thatContinue reading “Grieving”