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Becoming a Champion

I woke up to an unusual discussion with a friend about Tobi Amusan’s (a Nigerian athlete who specializes in a 100-meter hurdle) world-breaking record yesterday and how that made every Nigerian proud. Today, I ruminate about how life deals with us and vice versa. How we can be angry, frustrated, or even depressed when thingsContinue reading “Becoming a Champion”

Closure Musings

Here I am thinking about trust, forgiveness, faith, and boundary-personal space. I know many people take time to allow others to earn their trust, but it’s the opposite for me. Once my intuition does not tell me otherwise, I trust you first and figure things out however they play out. I’m guessing you’re shaking yourContinue reading “Closure Musings”

Emotional Independence

Take charge of your life, it starts from within you. It is much easy for us to make changes to things that we see physically like our weight, shape, hair, face, among others, than to those things we feel or basically cannot touch. You might want to criticize that position, but we always have optionsContinue reading “Emotional Independence”

Gratitude; a Lifestyle

I warmly welcome everyone into this fresh start/New year. Interestingly, it is just another day/month just as every other. Beyond the euphoria, nothing is different, nothing changes. It’s a mere social construction- another day (January 1st) on the calendar. You’re free to be excited just as I am. If you do follow my podcast (MetamorphosisContinue reading “Gratitude; a Lifestyle”