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To You

Have you been in a situation where suddenly you realize that you were never what you thought you were? It could be in a romantic relationship, among friends, or just in a situation where you’re the plan B. You’re sought after only because the first option didn’t work out. Hear me, you can be theContinue reading “To You”

A Silhouette of Regret

Here’s a poem in two parts, written about 2 years ago. It is funny how the so-called silhouette challenge reminded me of my then unfinished poem. The Silhouette of Regret (Part 1 above) is a piece on the description of Akande’s past- mistakes and regrets. He lives with them even though he tries to playContinue reading “A Silhouette of Regret”

Oríkì Sokí(Individual Praise Poetry)

In the South-Western part (Yorubaland) of Nigeria, there are various types of names.According to Oyeronke Ouewunmi, customarily, Yoruba names were not gender-specific and as such, males and females bore the same names. But now, names themselves are beginning to describe gender. Although there are different categories of Oríkì such as Oríkì Orile (family/lineage praise poetry),Continue reading “Oríkì Sokí(Individual Praise Poetry)”

The Beauty of Nature

The beauty of nature is so real that sometimes I pinch myself to understanding it. Its effects transcend our outer world to our inner-oh! What such awe it breeds. Sometimes I ask myself ‘what is it that makes nature both powerful and beautiful?’ Ralph Waldo Emerson notes that ‘the simple perception of natural forms isContinue reading “The Beauty of Nature”