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Victim or Survivor

Before we dig in, are you a victim or survivor, or do you know anyone who might fall into one of the categories? I did a thing in 2020, I studied the resilience of some women in Southwest Nigeria who were survivors of Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence. I say survivors because they moved from beingContinue reading “Victim or Survivor”

Anger as a Response to Intimate Partner Violence in Nigeria {Part 2}

This menace should be attended to because women, especially through their resiliency and hidden strength, can positively affect the growth and development of the nation and the world at large. They are homemakers, custodians of social, cultural, political, and inherent values of the society, and sustainable change is best achieved through them. Without the involvementContinue reading “Anger as a Response to Intimate Partner Violence in Nigeria {Part 2}”

31-year-old EKSU Alumnus, Babajide Ojo Emerges Best PhD Student of Oklahoma State University

Originally posted on Seun Ibitoye's Blog:
Babajide Ojo had his first degree from Ekiti State University Babajide Ojo, aged 31 years, is another Nigerian that has made the nation really proud as he received special recognition for his academic effort in the US. He achieved a milestone of being the best PhD student at…